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Aakriti VarshneyTsvetelina Tsvetkova

Masters in Applied Psychology

Paramedical centre offers two different psychologist. Available on different days in the week. Please take a look below and scroll to their webpages to get to known them better.

Aakriti Varshney

Aakriti is a psychologist from India. She moved to Luxembourg a year back. She has more then 10 years experience of working as an occupational psychologist with Adults and Adolescents. After completing her bachelors and masters in Applied Psychology from Delhi University, she has been working in the field of behavioral assessment and counseling. She has worked with companies and as an Independent Psychologist in Medical Centers in India, helping individuals as well as corporate in managing behavioral issues. Her focus area is helping individuals in managing and coping with anxiety, depression, stress-burnout, relationships, personal effectiveness. Being an expat herself, she also specializes in expat counseling, wherein helping families, individuals and women to cope and adapt to the expat life, away from their native country.

Tsvetelina Tsvetkova

Tsvetelina is a psychologist with extensive experience in the corporate world. Her professional career has enabled to develop expertise in stress management, conflict management and burnout prevention in the workplace.

At the same time, she is also a clinical specialist, with a particular focus on the treatment of simple and complex traumas. She is involved in bereavement support, perinatal issues and other aspects of mental health.

Her approach integrates both occupational psychology skills to help individuals and teams overcome professional challenges, and a clinical approach to deal with trauma and other deeper psychological difficulties. This unique combination of expertise enables her to offer comprehensive and personalised support, responding to both professional and personal needs. She has trained in EFT, EMDR, kinesiology (K-power), art therapy and the enneagram. She is currently training to become a hypnotherapist.

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If you are experiencing a behavioral or emotional issues which is impacting your day to day life, do not hesitate to seek help now and re-vive your life condition.

Aakriti Varshney       –     Tsvetelina Tsvetkova