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Aakriti Varshney


Masters in Applied Psychology – Occupational Psychologist


For Whom?

People need or have therapy for different reasons. First of all, a feeling of sombreness, stress or imbalance in ones life can cause someone to seek help. Or certain anxieties might keep one from doing what he or she would like to do. This can make life quite difficult. Others might suddenly have to deal with a difficult or life-changing situation such as physical problems, difficulties at school or work, chronic illnesses or the loss of important people. Also, some might have a moment in which they would like to reflect on their relationships or on their behaviors.


Of course the intensity of the problems varies from person to person as well. From feeling a bit sombre to having a major depressive disorder. From having a specific anxiety that influences life only on a small scale, to having an anxiety disorder that restricts someone from being able to go to school or work, or participate in social activities. From feeling stressed by the daily hassle, to having a full-blown burn-out. In general there is no right or wrong time to start a therapy. The client can take therapy, when he or she feels help is needed. Together with the client the therapist clarifies the client's goals.



Therapy is proven to be effective for different kinds of problems and disorders. Different kinds of therapies have been researched and empirically based protocols have been developed. The therapy that will be most used by this therapist, cognitive behavioural therapy, is an effective way to treat disorders such as depression, anxiety and burn-out. Also, therapies can be a very good way to be still, reflect and find out what is important in life. An assessment will be used to find out which therapy would best suit the client's needs.

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