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Tsvetelina Tsvetkova


Masters in Applied Psychology – EFT/EDMR therapist

Tsvetlina integrates both occupational psychology skills to help individuals and teams overcome professional challenges, and a clinical approach to deal with trauma and other deeper psychological difficulties.
She is convinced that this unique combination of expertise enables me to offer comprehensive, personalized support to meet both professional and personal needs.

Tsvetelina is trained in EFT, EMDR, kinesiology (K-power), art therapy and the enneagram. She is currently training to become a hypnotherapist.

Individual counseling

Here is a selection of services/intervention that can be applied.

1. Personal development
- Skills assessment
- Career follow-up (reconversion)
- Self-assertion and self-confidence

2. Perinatal care
- Childbearing, pregnancy follow-up
- Fetal loss
- Post-partum depression

3. Burnout
- Conflict management
- Stress management
- Managing emotions


The main activity is to provide support to companies wishing to retain and develop the loyalty of their employees. To achieve this, we offer the following services:

- In-depth human resources management diagnostics to implement and/or improve various processes: onboarding, offboarding, performance management, satisfaction surveys, competency referencing, etc.

- Set up training courses in management and personal development (accredited by the French Ministry of the Economy).

- Facilitation of team-building and conflict prevention workshops

- Access to psychological assistance: every employee who needs it can benefit from a personalized ear on issues such as emotional management, stress, burnout, prevention, support, return to work, break-ups, divorces, illness, debts...)


Therapy is proven to be effective for different kinds of problems and disorders. Different kinds of therapies have been researched and empirically based protocols have been developed. The therapy that will be most used by this therapist, cognitive behavioural therapy, is an effective way to treat disorders such as depression, anxiety and burn-out. Also, therapies can be a very good way to be still, reflect and find out what is important in life. An assessment will be used to find out which therapy would best suit the client's needs.

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If you are experiencing a behavioral or emotional issues which is impacting your day to day life, do not hesitate to seek help now and re-vive your life condition.