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Physiotherapy for Musicians

Nadia Giampellegrini

Reducing the risks and preventing injuries

Musicians can be compared to multitasking athletes. Next to working and playing highly efficiently at all times, fatigue and overuse set in and are often ignored and/or underestimated. In fact, a survey comprising ICSOM members (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians) concluded that 76% of the musicians performing, reported at least one problem that was severe enough to affect their performance. The various activities, such as teaching classes, competing, playing in a orchestra and/or as a soloist, have a considerable tear and wear mechanism on the body. Like athletes, musicians suffer from overuse injuries or from an unbalanced overload on specific joints, ligaments and muscles. Moreover, sustained posture has a tremendous impact on the body’s ability to cope with the work-load on the long-term. All too often, pain then sadly becomes a familiar feeling, which is accepted on a daily basis.
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Therefor, it is essential for our clinic, to transmit the idea that pain shouldn’t be, nor become, an indicator for hard work. New goals can be set to work the most effortlessly as possible in the most effective way! We can offer you different programs in order to target your specific complaint, be it recent, older or recurrent. Important for us, is to screen both body and posture to obtain an extensive understanding of the problem. Mental and physical coping styles will be evaluated and discussed.

We would like you to set your own goals and help you achieving them through the following programs:

– Prevention screening

– Preventive treatment

– Injury risk factor screening

– Post-injury treatment

– Sports massages


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